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Your Guide To Wealth?

If you have been searching for a proven system that can help you learn incredible wealth building strategies, new ways of producing massive and passive income, or maybe you are just tired of operating in a system that seems to talk about wealth, but never teaches you how to obtain it—you are not alone, and we can help!


What The Wealthy Already Know


Billionaires Across the Globe


At Your Guide To Wealth, we emphasize working smarter not harder.  Learn the strategies used by those whom have tried, failed and then triumphed, before you.

At Your Guide To Wealth, we believe with a solid education in real estate investing and vital business skills, along with an introduction to alternative solutions to diversifying your income, you will be well on your way to thinking and operating like the wealthy already do.


Education & Opportunity

Real Estate Investing

Successful investors don’t luck into wealth, we strategically create it.  And to accelerate your wealth creation, you will need comprehensive and up-to-date education as diverse as the ever-changing markets we work within.

Entrepreneurial Training

Learn what it takes to build wealth through proper business operation and organization.  Along with real estate investing, learn to intelligently structure your taxes, banking, debt, credit and retirement to create more cashflow. 

Income Diversification

Diversification is extremely important in building lifelong wealth.  With our independent marketing opportunity, you can create additional income to support your investments, family or other wealth goals, all while you learn. 


Find a Wealth of Knowledge

If learning tried and true real estate investing foundations, creative strategies and advanced investing techniques sounds right for you, Your Guide To Wealth can help.  Or maybe learning to network like the wealthy and strategically grow your personal and professional networks is more your speed.  We can help there, too.  If you enjoy systems, processes and exploring the available technologies to help you accelerate your wealth creation, Your Guide To Wealth can point you to the best in the business.  No matter who you are, your level of experience, or your current financial situation, Your Guide To Wealth is here for you.  We have helped to guide everyone from young couples, business pros, brand new investors and seasoned vets alike, find new tools and resources to start or accelerate their wealth building journeys. 


Follow Our Simple 3-Step Process


First, watch an 8-minute video to get a quick overview of who we are, and why we may be the right guides for you.


Then, take a deeper look into the what, why and how we do what we do, and what we think makes us superiorly different.


Lastly, explore what your part in our community could look like, & determine if you are ready to turn toward wealth creation.


I'm Tamara.

Through education, creation, preservation & mindset.

What does freedom mean to you? Tamara has viewed freedom as following an entrepreneurial path. This allows her to live life on her terms by being in control of her income, allocating her time to meaningful activities, and cultivating long-lasting relationships.

This dream did not come to fruition overnight. Society taught Tamara to get an education and then a traditional job.

Tamara buried her entrepreneurial instincts and ended up working in the fashion and entertainment industries at corporations such as Stella McCartney and the New York Yankees. While several opportunities were presented to Tamara along her corporate journey, she realized over time she was going against her true desires as she worked long hours achieving the goals of others – not her own. Inspired by other entrepreneurs including Sara Blakely and Elena Cardone, Tamara knew there was another path to financial freedom.

Tamara was introduced to a group of educated real estate investors. Her intuition said, “This is your path.” After receiving proper training and education from top industry professionals, Tamara was able to make the transition to being a full-time real estate investor.

As an entrepreneur, Tamara now has the financial freedom she always desired. Tamara’s professional highlights include raising over $3 million in capital, has successfully completed $1million in real estate transactions leveraging clients’ monetary resources,
and completed her first 6-figure transaction in 2021.

Tamara’s desire is to show others this entrepreneurial path has no limits – you can achieve any goals you set your mind to.  Dream big, take big action and don’t ever give up.


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